The School of Civil Engineering held the Civil Engineering Education Roundtable Forum
2016-04-25 17:01

At the time of 105 anniversary of the establishment of Tsinghua University, as one of the series activities for 90 anniversary of the establishment of civil engineering, “Civil Engineering Education Roundtable Forum of Tsinghua University” was held in Civil Engineering on the afternoon of April 23rd. Vice President Liu Hongyu hosted this activity.


The forum got together the dean representatives (department head) of Civil Engineering in the country, industry representatives, alumni representatives and teachers and students together to join in this activity, and the total amount is more than 60. Participants focused on civil engineering education and talent training status, opportunities and challenges, res and innovations to give advices and suggestions for the civil engineering education and talent cultivation from different types of universities, employers, and career development of alumni.


At the beginning of the forum, guest speaker Professor Fan Feng, the dean of civil engineering of Harbin Institute of Technology, and Professor Wu Gang, the dean of civil engineering of Southeast University, took speeches from the views of adapting to the future challenges and new building industrialization development. The representative of the employer alumni as well as dean of Metallurgical Construction Research Institute, Yue Qingrui (1980 civil engineering), vice president of China State Construction Engineering, Shao Jijiang (1983 civil engineering), vice president of China Resources Land Limited, Kong Xiaokai (1986 civil engineering) analyzed and evaluated the career development of the graduates of Tsinghua civil engineering from the views of design research institutions, Construction investment enterprises and real estate business, and put forward proposals for the improvement of civil engineering talents training. Alumni representative, vice president of Country Garden Holdings Company Limited, Cheng Guangyu (1998 civil engineering) shared his career development experience and the influence from school education with us by using the topic of "plat-hardworking-concentration". Student representative, Zhang Hanqing also shared his suggestions combined with his own experience in Tsinghua University for more than 5 years on how to improve the talent trainings.


In the free discussion, Academician Jiang Huancheng (1963 civil engineering), Academician Gong Xiaonan (1967 civil engineering), Professor Liu Xila (1963 civil engineering)alumnus of Civil Engineering, as well as deputy director of Hainan Department of Science and Technology, Zhu Donghai (2001 civil engineering doctor) , Dean Lou Yu Chinese Electronic Engineering Design Institute (outside school adviser of civil engineering) and others also expressed their views around the topic; base on Chinese culture, we should improve humanities accomplishment, let reflection become a habit, know that knowledge and action should go hand in hand, and control the trend that engineering course getting close to be science, and be tough, persistent and concentrated.


The comments and suggestions put forward in the discussion will be of great help to the cultivation of various talents in our department for our motherland and for people.